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Unsportsmanlike behavior: Criticism, boos for Egyptian Olympiad who refuses Israeli handshake
Eyal Lehmann, Roi Kais & Associated Press
Published: 13.08.16, 09:12
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1. Peres would try to kiss him anyhow
ab   (08.13.16)
2. Wonder why!
American Vet   (08.13.16)
3. very well-handled by Sasson! less said, better. BTW Bravo!
Rafi ,   US   (08.13.16)
4. Shame
Haider ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (08.13.16)
on the Egyptian. He should be barred from future races.
5. looks like the Minister of Culture and Sport won big here!
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (08.13.16)
The Israeli Judoka Ori Sasson wins a bronze medal and Ynet's lead story is about a the lack of a handshake!
Wow! Now that's docile, obedient and shepherded right wing media!

6. ab@1: Netanyahu sends his Negotiating teams to Egypt
Panic in Needle Park ,   Needle Park   (08.13.16)
you know as in 2014 during the war, Netanyahu sent negotiating teams to remember they negotiated with Hamas. So do me a favor...leave Peres the old foddy-doddy out of the formula!
7. Sore loser!
Koose E Mack ,   US NYC   (08.15.16)
Don't be surprised if his coach told him not to shake hands with an Israeli. In this case, I don't think the scenario would be different if the Egyptian Judoka won. Congrats to Sason, he did a great job!!!!
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