Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Looking a gift horse in the mouth
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 19.08.16, 23:56
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1. He'd make a very efficient Capo in Nazi concentration camp!
2. victims of disinformation
e-srael   (08.20.16)
Soros heroically supported the dissidents against the oppresssive Soviets, Andropov, Gorbachev in the 80s.

The new generation of his managers turned the ship and operate now against the West.

I suspect a deep penetration of Moscow.
3. Mr. Yemini, very clear thank you!
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (08.20.16)
Very glad to see that you have extensively commented on Mr. Soros' "charitable" activities. May I kindly request that you provide the same type of extensive commentary on the "charitable" activities of Mr. Adelson?

I request this because, Sir, it surely does seem that between Mr. Soros' viewpoint and "charitable" activities and Mr. Adelson's viewpoint and "charitable" activities we will fully understand the Hebrew saying "Ba'al haMea, who Ba'al haDea!" ("The owner of the money, is the owner of the opinion").

Or, to put it in slightly less diplomatic format: Is it possible that both these men in their quest for control will end up leading Israel and the United States* to hell in a money-lined hand basket via their "charitable" donations?

...and yes definitely, all recipients of the "charitable" contributions from both of this wealthy American gentlemen should look "that gift horse in the mouth!"
*about the United States I will note that Mr. Soros has donated USD 25 million to Democratic Presidential Candidate Mrs. Clinton's campaign; and that Mr. Adelson has donated USD 100 million to Republican (GOP) Presidential Candidate Mr. Trump's campaign. At least in the USA, it does seem that both of these gentlemen are "disambiguations/different forms of the "X-Men" movies character "Magneto!"
4. also investigate the Foundations of the late Dr. Moskowitz
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (08.20.16)
As well as the activities of several prominent Orthodox rabbis, including but not limited to, the activities of the very interesting & colorful American-Israeli Jewish Rabbis: Rabbi Mr. Shlomo Riskin and Rabbi Mr. Yechiel Eckstein.
Isn't it a wonder that there is so very much RIGHT-eously influential financial activity going on? Why do some of their activities seem almost down RIGHT nefarious, politically stilled and steeped in the quest for personal power and control...
...amazing how similar activities on the Right are to Mr. Soros' financial activities in the UK back in 1992!
5. The problem isn't soros, it's israel
David ,   New york   (08.22.16)
What kind of messed up state allows its enemies
To control its politics
Isn't that kind of nuts?
They need to make it illegal and put serious teeth
Into enforcing it (more judges, mandatory long
Prison sentences for violating the law)

6. I felt like reading Pravda!
Lou ,   Bucharest   (08.25.16)
I would have liked to see s ome arguments why is Soros depicted this way.
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