Brussels Airlines caves into BDS, set to stop serving Israeli halva
Itay Blumental
Published: 24.08.16, 18:06
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1. airline must be told only israeli food on flights out!!
ralph   (08.24.16)
it must only provide israeli food on flights out. no other foods allowed. cannot be sourced from anywhere else. and must include food items from all of israel.
2. Who knew?
Fred McMurray ,   Baltimore   (08.24.16)
Looks like terrorism works. A few bombs, and the Belgium government acquiesces. Belgium can expect more from those that always have a gripe, claim, or fly in their soup...
3. I will think twice before booking a seat on Brussels Airline
Gabe ,   Canada   (08.24.16)
4. Israeli Halva
Golani ,   Vineland, USA/Israel   (08.25.16)
Israeli Halva happens to taste better than the others. I myself will make sure not to ever fly Brussels Airline for the very reason that they stopped serving Israeli Halva.
5. lets boycott brussels airline
michael ,   montreal   (08.25.16)
all jews should boycott brussels airline
boycott is a two way street
6. BDS is just like pigeon-feeders: compulsive/obsessive.
7. AS LONG AS...
FO ,   Belgium   (08.25.16)
Sorry, but as long as, and the Israeli government, and the Israeli press speak and write about "occupied territories" and "settlers", do you expect foreigners to be more Catholic than the Pope? As long as even a so called Right-Wing Israeli Prime Minister is unable, unwilling to proclaim Israel's rights according to International Law, that means Israel's right to settle anywhere between the Sea and the Jordan River, including the Golan Heights, BDS can prevail. Don't ever forget, that the San-Remo, the League of Nations' Mandate for Palestine are legal to this very day, can't be rescinded and are reaffirmed by Article 80 of the United Nations' Charter! So, de facto, all anti-Israeli decisions taken by UNGA and UNSC may be considered as null and void.
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