Neturei Karta Jews run wild into house of rabbi who supports draft arrangement
Matan Tzuri & Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 08.09.16, 22:06
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1. Draft all of them or a long term in jail for them
oliver ,   Eilat   (09.09.16)
Draft them or lock them up for at least double the time they would have to serve with hard labour and no knesset representation.
2. Agreed. Draft them all. Assign them to KP or garbage detail
Rafi ,   US   (09.09.16)
3. howd they get into israel w/out a passport?
richard sherwin ,   herzliyah   (09.09.16)
didnt the border patrols catch them infiltrating into israel? havent they been fingerprinted? who needs their ID? what's going on here? they say theyre jews but what proof do we have? terrorists sometimes wear haredi uniforms too. did they have police permission to assemble in front of the rabbi's house? how about giving them the same treatment allegedly given to east jerusalmites suspected of anti israel activities? if they are indeed israeli citizens and jews, why arent they in the army? or studying in yeshivot day and night? or doing something besides terrorizing and bullying in the name of whatever idol they worship? this whole 'my rebbe's more divine than your rebbe' business stinks. sounds just like israeli political parties to me. nothing Gdly at all about it.
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