Opinion  Nahum Barnea
Prime minister ruled by public opinion
Nahum Barnea
Published: 25.09.16, 15:50
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1. To Sharon Stav on FB: Netanyahu stopped Israel's destruction
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.25.16)
Radical Left Wingers are the ones who propose initiatives that will eventually lead to Israel's destruction beginning with Oslo tragedy.

Netanyahu was able to stop and reverse some of that.
2. innocent till proven guilty?
richard sherwin ,   herzliyah   (09.26.16)
yeh, the media wishes bibi were controlled by their versions of public opinion. wannabe dictators and self aggrandizers, the lot of them.

he's PM of Israel, all Israel (at the very least, of his coalition parties), not this or that faction, in coalition or out.

he's doing a damn good job, especially since left outers and right fringers sneer.

and as for azaria, he's alleged i repeat alleged guilty of whatever the prosecution charges and thinks he can make stick, before an IDF court. he's still a citizen, and his family is too. and whatever the court decides, you can sympathize or not with him. and with the IDF. i lost sympathy with terrorists still alive or dead long time ago.

3. The affair of Elor Azaria is a controversial one
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (09.26.16)
Not only most plain citizens justify the soldier's act, but also distinguished ones, like the former police commander of Tel-Aviv Central Unit Mordehhay Liber. Likely that Netanyahu is among them, and he didn't console the pertinent family in the wake of reading a poll.

Azaria did not kill an innocent person, as the author may imply, but a murderer.
4. Barnea ruled by visceral hate of Bibi, whatcanyado?
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