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Marine Le Pen proposes banning wearing all public 'conspicuous' religious items in France
J. S. Herzog
Published: 17.10.16, 21:33
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1. religeous clothes
Ingrid Mayshar ,   BRIDGEND, UK   (10.17.16)
what about the garb that nuns and priest wear?
2. Why does it have to be a Kippa.Why not hat/baseball cap
Alan ,   SA   (10.18.16)
This would be a fantastic compromise against burkas and headscarves
3. This is a call for civil war. Counterproductive!
citizen J   (10.18.16)
Almost surely, this has been suggested by the Kremlin thinkers to the Le Pen.

She should be deported to Moscow.

Strip her of her citizenship.

4. GOOD! No Kipah, No Star of David, No Cross, No Muslim wear
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (10.18.16)
5. If this is the sacrifuce Jews have to make to wipe Islam out
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.18.16)
then so be it
6. Slowly we're getting "there":Imagine there's no Heaven...?
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