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McCain backs Trump criticism on high F-35 costs
Associated Press and Reuters
Published: 12.12.16, 22:40
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1. And our leftist media are fuming over our submarines?
2. Not nice Uncle Sam, first you sell us this crap & then admit
it is practically piece of junk?!
It's only money.
4. No alternative
Avi L.   (12.13.16)
While a bit bigoted McCain is a honest, straight man but on this issue he is helping Donald to destroy US air force.

F35 is a flying disaster but what's the alternative, maybe swarms of F15, F16, A10?

Anyhow the Free World is bound to his grave thanks to the bottomless greed that from the "glorious deregulation" of the '80s brought us to the great depression of 2007 and will bring to the next final crisis that will end with the world as we know it.

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