Arrests extended of Jerusalem truck terrorist's brothers
Roi Yanovsky
Published: 09.01.17, 18:41
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1. "Gather the usual suspects, all nonjews".
James   (01.09.17)
Collective punishment.
2. Arrests extended of Jerusalem truck terrorist's brothers
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (01.09.17)
"Consequently, the police decided that her statements constituted incitement to violence and terror. However, shortly after her arrest, a judge ruled to the contrary and ordered her release."...the malaise that some of the Israeli judges suffer from is very similar to the perverted liberal interpretation that so many of our judges in the UK pursue, with the consequences that the law is held upto ridicule and justifiasbly so.
The blatant exhortation by the sister of the murderer to pursue this evil and yet she is now free...expect a few more sweets to be handed out by the perversion that is so called Pal justice.
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