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Abbas: PA may rescind recognition of Israel
Published: 14.01.17, 13:25
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1. It's a Two Way Street
Marty ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.14.17)
I hope the Palestinians do revoke their ersatz "recognition". A non recognized entity can shut off the electricity and the water that is provided.
If Obama attempts a "BTW the US recognizes Palestine" move as he's slamming the front door of the White House on his way out on the last day, Trump now will have precedent to tell the Palis they don't exist.
2. their TA embassy may be bugged beyond hope...
epo   (01.14.17)
thats why trump wants a new one...

its off the table anyway.
the guy who said it was sacked.
3. Oh no! THIS we couldn't bear or survive!Please, recognize us
4. We will survive.....will you?
tiki ,   belgium   (01.14.17)
The terror mouse is roaring again because he feels the heat coming this way.

Watch because this is how it works:

The non elected "President of Palestine" (what/where ever that is), is threatening/warning the most powerful man on the planet, the President of the US, Donald Trump.

Get on Trumps toes, he'll get angry and you don't want that to happen Mr. Abbas.

America is going to change her policies toward the "Palestinians" and her protectors anyway and despite your warnings.

Why? Because it's the right thing to do.

So, once again you've overplayed your hand and will be on the losing end once more.
5. israel air force and stupidity
jerzy   (01.14.17)
debate on air force vs land rockets and on which to choose is like dan halutz-ignroance and stupidity combined in 1. As hezbollah will launch 3-5000 rockets perday restricting the air force sorties, as well as creating fear and panic in israellis notwithstanding shelters and iron dome, of course the idf should have thoudands of rockets to let loose and target anywhere in lebanon and syria. there is no reasoin for argument. the air force was wrong in 2006 in that it could not win the war on its own.

secondly land rockets create fear and panic and lebanese need to feel that in any new war if israel is for 250 kg size munitions, stupid again-you should have all sizes.

also idf needs more robots, microdone munitions to fire hundreds of mini-drone carrying munitions at hezbollah positions to flush and trigger them off.

idf keeps getting surprised by hezbollah and even hamas to some degree and its time for the reverse. decide once in for all whehter you want to win or lose and how important most moral army is. who on earth runs around saying idf is the most moral army and takes pride in it. shut up about it. follow the rules but shut up. war is war and the nazis would not have been defeated but for crushing and dirty war methods especially the russians who broke the germans by huge artillery and rockets fire into civilian areas followed by wholesale rapes by their asian divisions.

idf should follow the laws of warfare but do what it has to do.robots can be used to trip positions.

the dan halutz strategy does not work. israel needs to equalize the terror war and it has not been doing it for the last number of years.
6. lapid and peace
mel   (01.14.17)
lapid is like herzog and meretz but cloaked in centrist clothers to score bigger. in recent polls he does score higher than bibi who israelis are basically sick of at this stage. so what can we expect. saudi proposals -substantiall withdrawal with smiles from abbas, phony signatures on documents, then increased tunnels and rocket fire from vacaated areas. lapid would then run to american and saudi guarntors who would advise to withdraw completely from jordan valley and west bank for real peace. lapid would run to trump who would sa-tough luck-you are on your own.

abbas wants israel out of tel aviv but lapid and his haaretz supporters are blind to it.

israle should go to peace talks and demand jordan valley, judea ridges and parts of west bank associted with it plus alll settlement blocks.

if you really want peace, lapid and his supporters should apply to warsaw and new york for immigration for the 6.5 million israelis. then zohar of gaza promised peace.

from all of this, one should conclude that israelis who are rightly tired of war and terro, are stupid. yes, you are stupid!
7. There is NO palestine
BBB   (01.14.17)
Just Annex AND repatriate. AND.. OF COURSE, BUILD !! with a vengeance.!!
8. WONDERFUL, so don't recognize Israel...since Israel doesn't
G.I. Jew ,   BROOKHAVEN   (01.14.17)
...since Israel doesn't exist in abbas's (Judenrein) little world, then there WILL NEVER EVER BE A PAL STATE (except maybe in Jordan if the king dies or is replaced by someone not so myopic, shallow and frightened....)

abbass is GRASPING AT STRAWS, panicking, and pooping in his pants as he sees his decade-long deceptions and machinations fall by the wayside, fools no one...a desperate little politico plik left flapping his childish tantrums, rants and yap in the wind...
9. # 1 Marty AMEN BUDDY!!!!!
BBB   (01.16.17)
No water no electricity no US $$ = no fake 'pals.'
Can I get an Amen?
10. Many, many people doubt the legitimacy of israel.
Robert   (01.18.17)
11. Soon, no UN
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (01.22.17)
and no pals.
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