Yesh Din group submits Palestinian objections over Amona
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 17.01.17, 12:43
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1. lol can't help but laugh
BBB   (01.17.17)
when I read two dummies, Mark Wiseman an, of course, Mark Sherry.
If America or any other democracy took the advice from these bozos, we'd be paying for lands we won fairly in wars.
Same with Israel despite newer tailor made laws against Israel only.
To the victor belongs the spoils, all's fair in love and war.
The only real problem is the Arabs who, like todays democrats, can't accept defeat.
Tough cookies dude.
You lost ( how many wars with Israel?) still lose and your 'slave masters' are harsh, they'd rather see the pals all dead in a pile than admit they were doomed to failure before they began.
Take the Muslims, PLEASE !!!.
Or, what's left of them when opposing Muslims slaughter Muslims that don't agree with them.
2. There is NO palestine just palestinian terrorists.
BBB   (01.17.17)
and they live like pigs.
3. Yeah Din must be assured residency in Syria!
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