Kerry tells CNN: Palestinians need state for Israel to survive
Published: 17.01.17, 12:31
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1. "falastinians" refused a "1967" country in 2000
Avi L.   (01.17.17)
In 2000 "falastinians" refused a "1967" country when arafat spit into Barak proposal and started the terror war.

Now Kerry says they won't agree to "no less"?

Why doesn't he go to China and tell that Tibetans want "no less" than the 1951 borders?
Why not call post 1967 border as "incorporation" the way chinese do talking about Tibet?

Why doesn't Kerry tell Erdo to get the hell out of Cyprus and out of Syria?

Or Russia out of Ukraine?

Because they don't risk anything against Israel while they would risk against Ussr, China or Turkey
2. Why didn't you fix Gaza first ?
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (01.17.17)
Dear Mr Kerry / Obama,
Can't you see from Gaza what kind of state a 3rd state would be?
Didn't you learn what would happen if Israel allowed another state?
Is it not obvious or do you think Gaza is OK?
Why are you so thick?
3. Kerry has become power mad
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (01.17.17)
If Kerry thinks that it's his priviledge to offer the State of Israel choices he's gone paranoid and imperialistic.

You cannot be crazier than that ....a Democrat imperialist.

4. There is NO palestine
BBB   (01.17.17)
just some angry Arabs wanting to steal the ancient Jewish land of Israel.
Aint happening thank G-d.
5. re: Jonathan Gray
BBB   (01.17.17)
pals are luckier than most Muslims who are currently blowing each others Muslim brains out ( they have brains?) All pals are welcome to return to what ever Arab hovel they hailed from.
Adios, see ya, Begone damend spot.
6. There is NO palestine
BBB   (01.17.17)
just some angry Arabs wanting to steal the ancient Jewish land of Israel.
Aint happening thank G-d.
7. mar
moishe   (01.17.17)
nonsense! as soon as Palestinians get state and are able to arm they will attack Israel. Israel survives and prospers because of antagonists but there is a limit to what it can withstand. and...Kerry is a failed person in politics and diplomacy. time to retire and write a memoir.
8. mr
niss ,   london   (01.17.17)

French President Francois Hollande has brushed off stinging criticism of Germany's liberal migrant policy by US President-elect Donald Trump.

"[Europe] has no need for outside advice to tell it what it has to do," Mr Hollande said

Israel should use the of French President Francois Hollande words to US President-elect Donald Trump and send a message KERRY & to all the nations who attended the conference last sunday and it goes like this ISRAEL has no need for outside advice to tell it what it has to do

9. 10 million Arabs expelled in Syria. Israel do them the same.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.17.17)
10. good riddance to this heinz carpet bagger
geroge   (01.17.17)
recall kerry imitating kennedy years ago in an attempt to gain favour. i didn't before but i belive some of what swift boaters said about kerry.

he was never a fair negotiator. for example, in asking concessions from israel, he never demand an absolute halt to terror, and a change in the educational system of the pals. he never did it.

the pals want israel gone and there is no peace regardless even if they have their own state. if not for israel, they will attack themselvs as hamas and fatah do, throw people off buildings, indiscriminately kill people.

obamaa never really could hide his love forarabs and that is his choice. but israel doesn't have to die because of him and kerry.

2 words for hanegbi-shut up with your proposals. you do not speak for israel at all. hanegbi is a hanger on, blows with the wind, starts at likud, goes to kadima and then back. he is not reliable much in the way ramon is not reliable and israelis should not be listening to him.

as for bibi, reports are that he said he would be pm for many more years. some 12 years as pm is not enough??? israelis are sick of hesitations and fears and lousy gaza campaign and big talk. they also feel disgust at the weakness of herzog livni. they almost see through meretz loving lapid but not quite yet. they should read how much olmert influenced lapid's thinking. and lapid who fancies himself as a karate person, how come he did not do normal combat duties. instead he was a press officer. there is a disconnect here.

israeli needs new leadership choices-bennett, feiglin, barkat, saar, yechaimovitch. get rid of the old drek!
11. Am I crazy?I believe Obama fancied himself as Hillary's
Alan ,   SA   (01.17.17)
Sorry my PC is not functioning OK......This is since the Ynet changed to new format . All my other typing is fine . Only Y net gives this problem

Secretary of State so that he could beat the two term rule.'I think he movedaround the corner so he could control the USA ,but this time as Secretary of State.
All other ex Presidents moved to thekir home bases . eg Nixon to Caalifornia. Bushes to Texas . Jimmy Carter to Georgia .... Whis Obama not going to Hawai or Chicago.
12. A kvestion! for Obama/KerryCohen
Alan ,   SA   (01.17.17)
Kerry what will you do for Israel WHEN Hamas or ISIS waannabees take over the "West Bank" and rocket the Ben Gurion Airport. The same as when Hamas did so last time . . Or for that matter any facility or city in Israel
13. Just let fictional "Palestine" fall and we will have peace
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.17.17)
Kerry, the UN, E.U. are obnoxious and hostile, but they are not the real problem. They are not keeping the hideous fiction of "Palestine" afloat. Israel's government is to blame for that.

Israel's government could easily put a swift end to the evil hoax of "Palestine" simply by ending the mad flow of Israeli food, money, electricity, materials, work permits etc. which keep the abomination afloat. It would barely take a shot to bring down fictional "Palestine". Just let it fall and we will have peace. With no death threats from the terrorist P.A., most "Palestinians" would be thrilled to sell the land they occupy to Jews. Problem solved.
14. How about the US solution
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (01.17.17)
Maybe Israel should shift the Arabs into 'reservations' like the indigenous American Indians.

There is hypocrisy there.

16. no one can outargue palestinian arabs
marcel   (01.17.17)
kerry absorbs e rekat hysterical rants, and then tells israel that he can guarantee that abbas will not accept anything less than67 borders with mutual land swaps.

in other words, kerry, the empty windbag, has no force of ideas himself. he is unable to present an independent ideas. he simply parrots erekat rants. he is a hopeless failure who knows nothing about negotiation, he reminds me of herzog, hanegbi, livni who say concede concede concede.

listenign to the current un debate on the middle east and iran calling israeli war crimes etc, there is no point in signing any deal. its all bs. j

generals get tired of fighting, and as they age, they say give the pals waht they want, put up fences and keep them out. they know there wiill not be peace after concessions in shrunken borders. they do not care and i am talking about gen reshef.

note that UN is talking constantly about the new UN resolution as a starting point, and for that john kerry can go to bloody hell. he and obama have injured israe.
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