Palestinians threaten consequences if US embassy moves to Jerusalem
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 23.01.17, 14:22
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1. Wow! Pals can even get Israel thrown out of UN IF IF IF
Alan ,   SA   (01.23.17)
USA even tries to move Embassy to Jerusalem (among other threats)
So so so ,the Pals are running the UN as if it was their club.They can get Israel blackballed from their club.... So if USA independently and on its very own decides to move the Embassy to WEST JERUSALEM will the Pals get USA kicked out of USA? Or is it only Israel that the Pals will get kicked out of UN....This is really the "Mouse that roared" What a joke . The USA must be quaking in its boots .Will the UN building move to Ramallah?
2. : “Jerusalem is a tenet of the Islamic Faith-HAMAS SEZ
It is not mentioned ONCE in the Koran!
3. Consequences Schmonsequences as long as I'm rich.
MK ,   NYNY   (01.23.17)
4. mr.
jonathan graff ,   raanana   (01.23.17)
neither the usa nor Israel should be intimidated by any threat of these non entities who strut around the world at the expense of foreign donors. They have no power and if Israel had to it could take them down with no difficulty. The only future for them is in Jordan where they can have their own state and run their own affairs. They should be concentrating on a movement en masse there because they will never get anything west of the Jordan river.
5. Palestinians threaten
eabitbol ,   Thornhill, Canada   (01.23.17) this is a good one !
They will not recognize Israel ...Who do they think they are ?
They should start realizing that the Obama era is finished . They are on for 8 years of pain. ..the shoe is now on the other foot !
Wait till the USA and all European countries cut their subsidies..they will soon wish they accepted the several offers of settlement by the many Israeli and US governments.
Wake up Mr. Erekat. The world and your Arab brothers knows now who you are and are fed up with you !
6. erekat threats and lapid and livni
ian   (01.23.17)
erekat threatens war. so you can omagine lapid livni and herzog saying calm down saeb. we'll give you east jerusalem, a link from gaza to west bank, 97% of west bank with 3% of pre67 israel, symbolic right o f return.

Bibi offers a state minus which of course endangers the state with his dumb lease arrangements on the jordan valley and overdependence on others. he acts like a scared rabbit, running to rabbis for prayers so he can offer concessions. and he uses hangebi, an olmert crony to mouthpiece his concessions, hanegbi, a ramon syle ignoramus.

there are other leaders out there who could be pm who have some balance and strength. vote for new isfraelis better decide if you hold the gun and control your fate or if you want to be dzimmis because that is the way you are acting.

7. New sheriff in town, sorry...
David ,   Haifa   (01.23.17)
8. Is the PLO threatening the USA? How dumb can they be?
Avi Israeli ,   Tel-Aviv   (01.23.17)
9. This blakmail /threats in past cost lives of Jews
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto   (01.23.17)
Through Brirtish Mandade when Jews from Europe would be saved from Nazis, agai they revolt again, not to speak about Progroms from Hevron and other.
1.Political speaking Pals long time age want a confedration with Syria, no aspiration for independent state
2. They have been Jordan citizens
Therfore 2 solution:
-pack and send them or Syria or Jordan
It 's time to put the historical truth in front and give them ultimatum as most of revolt will result in expulsion.
10. What are they going to do, stop cashing US checks?
Ayatollah Ghilmeini ,   Qom in Midwestia   (01.23.17)
They are nothing with no power. They are losers who keep losing. They are cursed by a self destructive political makeup that dooms them to future failure.

They richly deserve what comes.
11. Such threats make Trump do exactly the opposite
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.23.17)
12. GO DO YOUR AEAB are too late, for the last 8 ...

"FURIOUS PALS"??? I love to hear this!!! It's a wonderful oxymoron with a double dose of MORONS, abassholes, hamassholes, and all their usual crud.

It's these moaning flaming muslim ignoranuses, these HAMass-holes, over and over again! that's why everybody calls them
HAMass-holes and their other non leader of 10 unelected years, the grand opening called the great ABBass-hole.

and NOW, Here comes their famous 1st, SHOOT THEMSELVES IN THE FOOT PROTOCOL, then right after that the PALS have their

"Nose cutting off to spite their fat faces contests,

then they have their perpetually raging jerkoffs, and finally they, in order to "piss themselves off", they give out streets after killers of Jewish innocents, pay salaries to terrorists in prison and reward families for their terror sons of evil.

"FURIOUS PALS"??? I love to hear this!!! keepup the good works!
13. I doubt Erekat's mental stability.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (01.23.17)
I've heard Erekslat being interviewed and he never seems to be able to answer a question without wildly shouting,never mind about his mendacity.Really,he should seek councilling,maybe help might be possible but right now he is definitely mad.

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