Sgt. Elor Azaria sentenced to 18 months in prison
Ynet reporters
Published: 21.02.17, 12:07
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1. The mom got her nails did.
D ,   J   (02.21.17)
2. Azaria future
valiant ,   Vanouver   (02.21.17)
Enroll to university in the mentime and let the IDF help you with the expenes
3. Azaria's' sentence
annie ,   JERUSALEM   (02.21.17)
This is a fair sentence .
4. Should have not have been Jailed,but otherwise fair sentence
Alan ,   SA   (02.21.17)
5. TOTALLY appropriate. G-d bless IDF & its courageous judges.
Rafi ,   US   (02.21.17)
6. 18 months too much
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (02.21.17)
In UK Azaria would not have been prosecuted.This case is so close to that of Jean Charles de Menezes who was pinned down and repeatedly shot in the head by armed police officers in London in 2005.The only real difference is that Menezes was totally innocent and had harmed nobody.Yet none of the police officers involved were prosecuted because it was accepted that they genuinely believed that Menezes was wearing an explose belt and there was a danger to human life.

Furthermore,and this is important,the Menezes familly made an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights but were turned down when that court upheld the decision not to prosecute.So any protests coming from Europe are just another instance of double standards towards Israel.

7. diffilcult decision
joe   (02.21.17)
while idf troops have to follow the militry justice code, save for unusual circumstances, palestine terror will probably. increase. now terror planners will know that idf will exercise eveen more restraint. in geneeral, idf shows too much restraint

A reasonable guilty verdict might have had 30 days in jail and 1 year community service.
8. Do jews know the meaning of justice, truth or morals? NOT
American   (02.21.17)
9. The Court
C   (02.21.17)
the court sharply reprimanded azaria's commanders, the chief of staff,
the minister of defence, for publicly condemning his action during
the judicial proceedings.
it is undoubted that the conduct of the army's superiors was highly
prejudicial to the case and made it into a cause celebre.
under these circumstances, the court handed down a lenient sentence.
the court balanced azaria's clean record with israel's purity of arms
contrary to what some post, azaria did not shoot a prisoner, or an
innocent man, but a terrorist who had attacked israelis.
10. Mark Wiseman,, FB
C   (02.21.17)
every day you come here to spew your cheep propaganda.
you have no understanding of the issues.
11. 18 months
Elyah ,   Los angeles   (02.22.17)
Too lienent of a sentence. This bozo is an embarrassment to the idf. All you fools supporting this guy, imagine a wounded idf soldier laying on the ground. Now Imagine a Hamas terrorist doing the same thing. Got it. This guy is a joke. Not a hero.
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