Police officer assaults truck driver in east Jerusalem
Hassan Shaalan, Roi Yanovsky
Published: 23.03.17, 13:37
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1. Certainly a crime but Arab drivers do not fear Police
MoreTotheStory ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.23.17)
While this is certainly a crime and should be punished to the fullest
extent of the law anyone taking a taxi or driving in Jerusalem sees almost daily the disrespect Arab drivers have for the Police even Arab drivers cutting in front of police vehicles blowing their horns at police cars even cursing them long ago the Palestinians learned not to fear the Israeli police so there is a lot more to this story than the Tel Aviv Media knows about and
why should they ,they do not live among Arabs as the Jews
of Jerusalem do and the Jews of most of the country do.Fact the
average Arab Palestinian does not fear nor respect Israeli Policemen.
2. The problem with the police is not only with arabs
Samy ,   Ashdod   (03.23.17)
Every time they use disproportionate force against anyone who dare talking , too much cases where violence is their only answer , they are not above the law and police is here to protect the citizens not to hit them or invent a crime ....
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