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Letter written to Grand Mufti from Himmler uncovered
Published: 30.03.17, 15:36
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1. Mufti
Steve ,   Atlanta   (03.30.17)
The first anniversary of the Balfour Declaration?
2. Haj Amin was no "Palestinian"
Sha'i ben-Tekoa ,   efrat   (03.30.17)
Haj Amin was not the Palestinian leader. Haj Amin said there was no such country as Palestine. It was all southern Syria. Never in history had the Arabs called Eretz Yisrael "Falastin" as they do today. Read the League of Nations Mandate and see how the League created the modern jurisdiction of Palestine explicitly to be the Jewish homeland. The only people calling themselves Palestinians when Haj Amin was alive were Zionist Jews. Haj Amin's vocabulary was exclusively Islamic. Even today there is nothing Palestinian about the "Palestinians".
3. And this mutual love&admiration exists until this day!
4. why did Israel never move to eliminate al-Husseini when he
Rafi ,   US   (03.31.17)
... was living in Lebanon (in relative wealth) after the '48 War, into the 1960's?

Same could be asked why SS officer Alois Brunner was allowed to live out his final years unmolested in Damascus?

Unless there was a good reason, this could be considered a great dereliction of duty on part of Israel's leadership...
5. May they eternally be attached to each other's Butt Holes
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (04.02.17)
in the lowest levels of Sheol!
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