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Hate crimes are gaining momentum: 'We are being persecuted and this is the result'
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 24.05.17, 23:23
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1. Surely the UN will soon compare this to the Holocaust...?!
2. "Persecuted Arabs": this after they've killed tens of
thousands innocent victims world-wide and are slaughtering each other locally... Only Muslim lack of honor can explain such ...well, lack of honor.
3. settlements = magnet for mad people.
epo   (05.25.17)
they can plan and commit violent crimes all day long...

they always wanted that, but where in society can you do that "unharmed"?

hey - those settlements are really the perfect place do be mad 24/7 without punishment. and yes, sure, you do it for a better world...

same thinking as nazis.
4. hilltop nazis
epo   (05.25.17)
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