Hadas Malka, the soldier who died fighting a terrorist
Matan Tzuri, Rotem Elizera and Gilad Morag
Published: 17.06.17, 16:03
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1. She was brave, she was modern and independent. She's a hero!
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.17.17)
Most of all she was an Israeli and loved her country deeply. From what her uncle says, she was "melah ha'aretz," the salt and pepper of Israel. It is so sad that wonderful people like her need to die to keep Israel going. Rest in Peace dear hero of Israel.
2. President Trump, no Tweets about POS Abbas?
David Palmer ,   Hartford USA   (06.17.17)
Abbas lied to your face about wanting peace. He doesn't want peace, he wants Palestine 'from the river to the sea,' nothing less. He pays blood money to jailed terrorists and their families. (Our (USA) money and Jewish blood.) And now another Israeli is dead.

Isn't it time you told Abbas that all funding has been stopped and will only resume after 3 months of total peace and quiet have been concluded? Can't you do something as logical as that? What in hell is your problem? Stop all funding to the PA until all terrorist is stopped.

I'm just as mad at our do-nothing Congress. STOP funding the PA!

Arafat once said it might take 50 years to remove Israel from the land of Islam, and Abbas is just a continuation of the same plan.

Mr. Trump, it's just BAD BUSINESS to keep throwing money in the black hole that the PA is. Stop funding the PA until terrorist activity has ceased for 90 days.

3. No Muslims were harmed in the making if this video.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (06.17.17)
That's what counts. Right?
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