And the Jerusalem construction freeze goes on
Yifat Erlich
Published: 22.06.17, 23:29
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1. insecure, easily pressured, master of small fibs
joe   (06.22.17)
one really has to wonder why the idf admitted bibi at first meeting. he is clearly fearful, has no convictions that he can back up. his policies are really those of herzog's. the people some of them over the years beleive he is mr secuity when in truth he acts like a submissive coward.shapira nailed bibi accurately along with lapid and livnin in the gaza war. the 3 of them are incompetent when it comes to security.
2. netanyahu a pathological liar
beryl   (06.23.17)
netanyahu acts like olmert. he lies constantly little white lies because he lack s conviction. he is very weak like herzog . he is fearful.,the truth took a long time to come out. in all of his military adventures as pm, he was defensive, detached and fearful to the point of paralysis. likud should boot him out or they will go down the drain with him.
3. Bibi must go! He is doing the evil work of Labor/Meretz
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.23.17)
This is an outrage! Bibi must go. Likud, and the patriotic majority of Israel, must no longer tolerate him. He is doing the evil work of Labor and Meretz by freezing Jewish building in our Eternal Capital, and Judea and Samaria. This can't go on!
4. 1 thing 4 sure no building in historic Jerusalem = losing it
HeartOfProblem ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.25.17)
With no serious Jewish population in and around the Old City of
Jerusalem i.e. Old City Mount of Olives and immediate environs we will lose it
and along with it the very justification for our being in this land and
when the enemy sees we are ready to sell our very soul the rest
of the country will be close behind to being lost.
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