Netanyahu to beef up security at Damascus Gate
Itay Blumental
Published: 23.06.17, 10:48
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1. Will they do 2 Damascus Gate what they did 2 Hebron Market?
Alba Nueva ,   Israel   (06.23.17)
That is will they turn the entire area into Muslimrein?
and whatever will they do with the other gates?
Because. word. you over secure one gate and terrorist traffic will easily find another way in.
So what is the real final solution to this problem?
2. Build a National Religious Yeshiva accross from it
NoIsraeliFlagThere?! ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.23.17)
Only some strong Jewish presence directly across from the gate with
National Religious Jewish youth there a Hesder Yeshiva
How is it there is NO Israeli Flag flying over that gate ? No wonder
they think it is all theirs Even the Jaffa Gate Museum flies a small
Israeli Flag no doubt the Leftist staff of the Citadel Museum doesn't
want to "offend" the Arabs even there.
3. @2 ur way won't work.
alexis hesse ,   Israel   (06.24.17)
all it will do is shift the killing from dead soldiers to dead civilians.
no one wants that.
so think again and come up with a better solution.
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