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'If Israel abandons the values of democracy, it will lose world’s support'
Itamar Eichner
Published: 06.07.17, 21:16
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1. Ah yes: the Eternal Piss Process-so hard to abandon after
all these years, when it just gave and gave to the multitudes of politicos world around.
2. Australia the land of criminals and
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (07.07.17)
of them kidnapping the locals children to make them more 'Christian.'
He should shut his hypocritical mouth and stick to his own nations woes and dismal shady history.
3. Australia has stolen the ancient homeland of the Aborigines
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (07.09.17)
Australia has stolen the ancient homeland of the Aborigines and the very presence of the Anglo-Saxons in Australia and the very existence of the Australian state is due to the British empire's rampage and conquest across te globe.

How befitting that the Australian Ambassador supports a "Palestinian" state (Arab Islamic imperialism) in Israel, at our expense, in our land and against our will.

The British empire in Australia and the Arab Islamic empire in Israel.

Imperialists usually stick together.

Israel has been inhabited by Jews for 4000 years which 10-15 ancient civilizations can confirm. If Dave Sharma denies our connection to our land, then how does he explain world history? Leaving out 4000 years of Jewish history in Israel means creating gargantuan gaps in world history.

No Dave Sharma, we won't sell our homeland in which we have lived for 4000 years long Before the Anglo-Saxons conquered the Earth, and we won't become a "multi-cultural society" just to make you happy. Every Culture and nation has the right to preserve their identity and uniqueness and that's not possible if you impose multi-culturalism onto a society.

Just because Australia, Western Europe, USA and Canada are living in a post-nationalist reality eager to dismantle their own societies doesn't mean Israel should follow in your footsteps.

The vast majority of the human race - Latin America, Black Africa (Christian and Moslem Black Africa), Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, India, China, Japan and South East Asia have not abandoned nationalism and national independence and sovereignty.

Israel is a JEWISH state, has always been a JEWISH state and will for all eternity remain a JEWISH state and if Dave Sharma Thinks that our national character contradicts democracy then he is either ignorant or a racist hypocrite.

There are dozens of European nation states, who despite strong voices within the post-nationalist camp, still preserve their national character and maintain a democratic system.

And pushing for a "Palestinian" state with a "Palestinian" character (whatever that is), wouldn't that logically speaking be anti-democratic since it would rule out multi-culturalism and pluralism?
4. the values of democracy........
tiki ,   belgium   (07.09.17)
Israel hasn't abandoned neither.
Not the values nor the democracy.

Question is who is this world which should support Israel for it's values & democracy.

Iran? Saudi Arabia? Jordan? Africa? Venezuela? Europe with their blood soaked history? Australia with their land grab? etc.etc.etc.

It's the ""world"" which hasn't even begun to find it.
It's the ""world"" which has lost it's morality!
It's the ""world"" that has lost it's judgement between right & wrong.
It's the ""world"" which tries to change Jewish History.

It's the representatives of the "World" in NY who tell it all.
5. Too late
Dan   (07.10.17)
Israel has already completely lost world support, except from the most ridiculous idiot ever to lead any country, Trump. The reason is not its democracy. The reason is the settlements. Wake up or die, Israel.
6. Dear old "Denial Dave" lives in denial
KangarooKook ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.12.17)
Australia is quickly learning what Islam is all about ditto UK ditto
USA ditto ditto ditto of the Western World
Israel has to take any measure it deeds necessary to survive and
if threat means some the west temporarily leaving us so be it
they will eventually come around as they will themselves have
no choice to temporarily suspend some of their more extreme
Western "values" to survive. I suggest "Denial Dave" see what's happening
on Bondi Beach when he goes home.
7. He going Home so he has to pacifcy the Anti Israel PC crowd
WithFriendsLikeThis ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.13.17)
Does anyone remember these kind of statements while he
was here...? Now hes going home to the Australians who
are part of the Liberal Bubble PC World " to start a new
career there and he cant do it without the support
of suicidal "liberal" Australian Media now can he. A guy's
gotta eat..
8. Cheeky little sod, ain't he?!
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