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Britney Spears does not seek Bibi, cancels PM meeting after raucous Western Wall visit
Yoni Froim, Ran Boker
Published: 02.07.17, 23:12
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1. No biggie: we're waiting for Mossiah as well and look what
it has brought us......not much!
2. Be separate from (unrepentant) sinners, Scriptures advises.
Rivkah   (07.03.17)
So it is fortunate for the Netanyahus and their family and guests that Spears decided to cancel. That gave the Netanyahus another chance to observe the Scriptures admonition to be separate from an (unrepentant) sinner who is such a scumbag she could not get primary custody of her children from a scumbag former husband who preys on women for support (after fathering children to get alimony and child support).
3. Whatever happened to 'judge not?'
BBB   (07.15.17)
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