IDF soldier moderately injured during vehicular, stabbing attack; attacker shot and killed
Published: 10.07.17, 13:57
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1. Give them more prisoners and maybe.....
Tony ,   J bay   (07.10.17)
Give them more prisoners and maybe the vehicle attacks will stop. You Think?
2. here is the difference
marv   (07.10.17)
leiberman says Israel is not bound by putin trump understandings on Syria and will act wherever it sees fit. bibi would not dare to make such a statement. likewise lapid peretz gabbay would not say a word. bennett, feiglin would do the same as lieberman.

Israel may well have to hit hezbollah or Syrian concentrations in spite of putin trump arrangements. bibi cannot do it in light of the understandings. he is scared. whereas benneett leiberman and feiglin would act after reading the arrangement carefully. Israel security turmps the arrangements; with bibi, fear trumps what Israel should be doing. he is scared stiff and no amount of fancy words erases his fear.

look at his record on military matters. the hit on meshall was a disaster and he should not have approved halevi's stupid plan. his 2 Gaza wars were anemic. his proposed strike on Iran went nowhere.

bibi is scared stiff.

now you know why liebe,rman said some time ago that bibi is incapable of undertaking any large action. he just does not have it in him. israel's best leaders are outside of politics. if you look at the current and past crop, most do not have what it takes in a crisis.-olmert, peres, livni, herzog, peretz, ramon and bibi. they have made politics a livlihood. they are not able to lead and protect the state properly in my opinion.

3. moisherabeynu
moishe   (07.10.17)
another stupid person dies and the situation remains the same. his mother will grieve and get a pension. a poor compensation for a lost son. kill and destroy agenda of some people does not make sense. will not see peace until subjects wake up to the truth. pity.
4. use common sense
hy   (07.10.17)
if you see a car or truck coming towards you, draw your gun in case it is terror. if you wait too long, you will be a victim.

idf seems to come down hard on any soldier eimploying tough methods. however, soldiers must not become unwilling victims or peace ambassadors. they to defend against attacks but in a foward manner ie be ready. countless police, borderpolicement and idf soldiers would have been spared serious injuries or death if they had drawn their guns early.

the palestinians are fast with knives and very good at terror, they rank am0ng the best practitionners of terror. they are also in better shape than the average israeli. so israelis hvae to counter to maintain advantage.

draw your guns early and use them if you have to.
5. mr
ik ,   USA   (07.10.17)
Kevlar vests for all IDF forces will prevent knifings
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