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Video depicts Iraqi soldiers hurling suspects from cliff
Published: 15.07.17, 20:25
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1. Is B'Tselem aiding and abetting terrorists there too?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.15.17)
2. Probably a "Christian thing" to do, compared to the crimes
these monsters committed....!
3. Reminder: these thugs BEHEADED 1000s of Iraqis and Syrians!!
Z.Latz ,   israel   (07.16.17)
4. Refael(FB): ISIS was created by US as a killing TOOL/proxy
Z.Latz ,   israel   (07.16.17)
You must be either extremely naive or extremely trustworthy in western media, especially American media. But it is not media's fault, because they tell you lies which are being fed to them by Washington and CIA.
By now you probably know(everybody know) how Al-Qaeda was created by US, and that Osama Bin Laden was CIA agent. They went out of control, because they didn't want to be anymore an American toy. ISIS is exactly the same. Why ISIS was created you ask? answer is simple. Obama had a very ambitious idea which would help him to get a status of "greatest" president of US. He wanted to change the map of Middle East. He wanted to destroy Syria. So he also created the so called "rebels", to make an impression that all Syrians want Assad to go. Everything is of course cleverly designed lies.
If you've seen the Jason Bourne series of films, this is the exact picture what and how CIA/Washington operate to achieve their goals: creating misinformation, creating fake targets, and mercilessly eliminating everything and everybody on their way.
5. No, not Christian
BBB   (07.16.17)
more like Islamic revenge. How many Christians in Iraq?
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (07.17.17)
Who cares abotu your health plan when teh entire world is just in chaos now. This video proves nothing and, again, who knows if any of ISIS are true or not.
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