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US Jew released from Cuba immigrates to Israel
Tzipi Shmilovitz
Published: 19.07.17, 08:25
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1. So this clown have done nothing ever for Israel
f   (07.19.17)
but he comes here to pick his eldery age allowance and medical treatments paid from our pockets and to vote for some loony political party
2. And Pollard was sprung sporting a big gut & full rack
Cameron   (07.19.17)
A contrast to note.
3. well-spoken. Godspeed and good luck!
Rafi ,   US   (07.19.17)
"If Jews do not like what is happening in Israel, the solution is to immigrate to Israel and vote."

Ain't that the truth!
4. obama's deal with Iran
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (07.25.17)
and for billions to help Iran perpetuate more terror executed the release of all American hostages except for one, a Jew.
Trump may or may not be any better but, he's a change.
A refreshing non Muslim change.
5. # f 6 million dead European Jews would also IF they could.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (07.25.17)
p.s the elderly holocaust victims aren't allowed enough money to feed themselves. Do you hate Jews or just elderly Jews in need of help?
6. Koose E. Mack re; F BRAVO!!!
BBB   (07.25.17)
thanks a bunch I agree.
Eloquent and spot on.
7. # 2 as a contrast stop posting crap.
BBB   (07.25.17)
Please. Only G-d knows what you look like. I heard dogs don't bark when they see you, they run.
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