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They came to Israel to enlist in the military: ‘Israel is home’
Published: 26.07.17, 23:57
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1. mr
brian gutkin ,   tel aviv   (07.27.17)
What a pleasure too see a nice positive article for a change.Well done
2. With moves like at the Mount, you are gonna need 'em
Cameron   (07.27.17)
3. They all need to learn how to salute. How wonderful is
Rivkah   (07.27.17)
their spirit and love of Israel. Wish I could learn Hebrew but I am old and there is not enough room in my brain to learn another language. But I love to listen to Hebrew Scriptures and Hebrew holy music.
4. Kol Hakvod!
ABY   (08.03.17)
these lone soldiers, leave their familys and their country, to join the IDF in order to help Israel to stand against her enemy's, and to make Israel stronger.
I salute them with love and grateful
ישר כוח!
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