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US slaps sanctions on Iran after its 'catastrophic' rocket launch
Reuters and Ynet
Published: 29.07.17, 13:39
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1. Sanctions shmancshons-Iran has the Obama trillion$$ in bank.
Alan ,   SA   (07.29.17)
2. It would not be a surprise if Israel has a hand in "failure"
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.29.17)
Does anyone honestly believe that the Republics of Iran and North Korea are worried about / bothered about american sanctions? Iranians and koreans could care less.
4. While the Yankees sanction, Putin annexes Crimea, Iran
laughs all the way to the bank& nuclear arsenal, so on.
Then, true to tradition, when all is but lost they shall dispatch huge numbers of young Americans to die in a war that could've easily been avoided.
same goes for Israel: we learn nothing.
5. Obama set up the world for the next world war
iran and north korea must be stopped.
6. That Yankee is slappin' them sanctions like there's no
tomorrow; gosh: THERE IS no tomorrow!!!
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