Five indicted for incitement against Israel
Yael Friedson
Published: 31.07.17, 12:19
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1. Salutory lessones to be learned
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.31.17)
The crisis started when two young Palestinian or Israeli Arab boys murdered two Israeli policemen with weapons stored inside Al Quds

The Israelis responded immediately like any country in such a situation by unilaterally placing the area under lockdown and introducing emergency security measures to prevent further attacks without reference to the Mosque authorities, Jordanians, PA or indeed Israel Arab MKS

Then....up pops TIBI

Right amid the demonstrators for the worlds cameras to see the demonstrators chanting vile rants at Israel and accusing Israel falsely of 'trying to take over the Temple Mount' or preventing Muslims for worshipping there to try to stoke up more trouble

As sure as eggs is eggs with such vile vitriole and lies these demos immediately turn violent leading to more deaths

Meanwhile in Jordan politicians come out of the woodwork to use this as an excuse to hurl abuse at Israel and Jews and incite mob demos in Amman that started as anti Israel and anti Jewish abuse but almost immediately was beginning to morph into social media calls for a 'Jordanian revolution’

Amid the mob violence in Amman a Jordanian attempts to stab an Israeli security guard outside the embassy who is shot dead in self defense with Jordanian politicians now choosing to turn this tragedy into more political gamesmanship

Then after much inter governmental mutual slanging the Israeli government finally realise that despite the murders Israeli police should have consulted much more with Jordanian Palestinian and Israeli Arab MKs on measures that could be taken to secure the area in an adult and constrictive way

SURELY we have better brains than that who can manage such crises better without being manipulated and wrong footed by the mob and assorted political opportunists that pop up from the woodwork every time this occurs?

As for Tibi..perhaps we should all hear his account?
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