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ISIS claims Cambrils attack, boasts of wounding '120 Crusaders and Jews'
Ynet and News Agencies
Published: 19.08.17, 19:02
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1. Indeed: Europe stands "united" in doing absolutely NOTHING!
2. owner
rechtman jos ,   los angeles   (08.21.17)
Euro would be better of with ISIS in Syria
3. Islamic Terrorism in Spain
Tova ,   Canada   (08.21.17)
and anywhere in the world is taste of what Jews and Israelies. These attacks we all know will not stop. Islam will continue the attacks which bring about pressure on Israel. The United States will have no voice. The United Nations will bow to Islam and Israel will be alone. Russia involvement in the middle east will continue to grow and the united states weakens. This is nazism/islam joining together to destroy Israel and the free world of the west will end.
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