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Assad says Western plot to topple him foiled, praises Iran's support to Syria
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Published: 20.08.17, 15:31
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1. Assad participates in global terrorism with Iran, Hezbollah
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (08.20.17)
and a host of other terrorist groups he supports.

The only difference is that the rebels opposing him are rival terrorists, yet they both sides have the same goal of terrorizing humanity.
2. You'd never think he'd killed 400,000 of his own people.
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.20.17)
The man is a genocidal killer and must stand trial. If 'saving' the country means almost half a million people killed and millions displaced, then I'd say he doesn't know the meaning of the word. Any country that opens or renews relations with this murderer should be kicked out of the UN.
3. Pretty soon
BBB   (08.20.17)
at this rate Assad will only have Russia and Iranians to bow down to him.

They'll off him when their warn harbor is secured.

They need him like we need a hole in the head.
4. He won, it's just a matter of time
Avi L.   (08.20.17)
He won, it's just a matter of time before he takes back all of Syria
5. utter confusion ....
steve s   (08.22.17)
I am thoroughly and utterly confused by what is happening in Syria, and by whom. Contestants include: Lebanon Army; Hezbollah; ISIL; Syrian rebel groups; Syrian Army; Iranian Revolutionary Guard; Kurdish Syrians; Turkish forces; Russians; US ...................... who have I forgotten? I do not see that any goals can be reached, therefore it looks like an unending conflict which will escalate. What a waste of lives and money.
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