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Kahlon boasts record-low unemployment rate
Published: 22.08.17, 15:10
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1. Indeed, why not? While the salaries are close to poverty
line people need more than one job to feed the kids...great "solution"!
2. Not much to celebrate...
Alex ,   Tel Aviv   (08.22.17)
The wages are very low and the cost of living is exorbitant!!! But I guess minimum wage is better than no wage...
3. Our politicians (due to the completely idiotic nature of our
laws) are never answerable to their public.
All they have to do, is not to rock the boat, claim "Victory"
and hope the System will enable them to continue forever.
4. Rational People know there is not enough money to go around
RealityCheck ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.30.17)
Rational people know there is just not enough money to fund
every social movement here however the public sees many
of its leaders living luxuriously add financial scandals and
people tend to think that there is a lot of money to fund
all social ills when in fact there just isn't . Leaders need
to tone down their lifestyles regardless if the money is
coming from their own pockets and clamp down hard
on corruption and at the same time tell the people the
truth Israel's security demands are extremely large
for our small country and economy at least for now
hopefully the next generation will have it better .
5. But if you don't work in hi-tech, you will struggle
Te   (08.30.17)
People need to start demanding higher salaries from their employers. The cost of living is just too high.
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