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British Jew speaks on the rise of anti-Semitism in Britain
Alexandra Lukash and Elior Levy
Published: 24.08.17, 17:23
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1. She sez Golders Green is Jewish area. Is she sure?Not anymor
Alan ,   SA   (08.24.17)
It WAS a Jewish area
2. It's so sad
Stan ,   Israel   (08.24.17)
If right wing extremism had not killed the peace process, we could have had peace now with the Palestinians ages ago.

The Arab states would have signed a peace agreement with Israel as they said that they are willing to do when Israel withdraws from occupied territory.

The Muslims in Europe and Britain would have no longer demonstrated against Israel because their Palestinian brothers will have a state.

Most important of all, there will be much more money available in Israel for health, education and social services where it is badly needed, instead of wasting it on the building of illegal settlements and the defense of all the settlers.

3. When the Islamonazis are done rewriting our history they'll.
turn into British/German/French... so on and you know what?
They'll succeed completely, the dumb Euro-shimmies will swallow it hook& sinker...
4. Europe is going down one way or another. It probably won't
be in form of Muslim takeover, but as intern, civil uprising of the "Aborigine"-population against own, disastrous politicians and liberal idiots that have brought this Islamic plague willingly and knowingly upon themselves.
Then sh..t will hit the fan!
Then it will be something akin to civil war with Islamonazis participating gladly.
In short: done deal,
the Titanic is taking water, not enough lifeboats,
fortunately for the hapless Jews there IS one big boat & safe port.
Do they know(understand) it?!
Robert ,   Israel   (08.24.17)
Profound ignorance and a tremendous envy is what makes antisemites desperate to spread their hate towards Jews. They can not digest the fact that Jews have contributed more than anybody else to try to make this, a better world, throughout the ages .
6. Eurabia, google it
Avi L.   (09.02.17)
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