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Israelis and their part in countering BDS
Mital R. Fishman
Published: 25.08.17, 00:05
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1. wild guess!
at10   (08.25.17)
At least let us try to name the worst component of the BDS:

The active meeasures department of the Kremlin! The sneak invaders of Georgia, Ukraine and Syria!

Is it incorrect to guess that they have created this anti-Israel movement?
2. The poster on the bus says it all!
Stan ,   Israel   (08.25.17)
Gabrieli is wrong! In SA the non whites did not have basic human rights because of apartheid. The Palestinians don't have basic human rights because of the occupation
Israel's expensive propaganda campaign against BDS is costing hundreds of millions of Shekels. Money that is badly needed for education, health care and social services
BDS is against the occupation. When the occupation ends, Israelis and Palestinians will be able to live normal lives.
3. Should be self evident, but not really: Meretz/Breaking
silence/Peace Now...this sad list of Judeo-Quislings is long.
4. enoght is enough
beryl   (08.25.17)
all able bodied israelis, women and men in partcular in judea and samaria and also in other israeli towns and cities sshould be armed. if an attacker threatens you or your family, shoot them forget about the idf or police for the moment. wheter knife attack, stone attack, gun attack, gang attack, shoot them or him. and secure your guns now. you sit at the table to eat and pray, have your guns by your side. this is the only way for the meantime to thwart terror.

and that also applies tojews in france and the ukraine. stop being victims.

relgiious authorities should face jail terms if they do not permit haredi to enter idf service.

before you go out to work, school or socialize/eat, think ahead and take your gun with you. only a well armed citizenry has a chance in the middle east. otherwise, the body count will continue to rise.
5. TUTU always says Israel Apartheid is WORSE than SA's was
Alan ,   SA   (08.25.17)
"This comparison is fundamentally false. Even officials from South Africa are insulted by the analogy by using the term ‘apartheid’ which is so rooted in their culture,” Gabrieli insists. “They know what happens in Israel and say it isn’t even close. They don’t understand why they use the term which, for them, has significant meaning.” -quote from above article

Its the SA Muslim members of ANC very own agenda. It is them that are running this campaign.and twisting ANC policy in this direction. They are very influential in the ANC.
6. Boycott Barcelona Capitol of the BDS & Anti Semitism
DontSpendYour$there ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.25.17)
Israelis have a serious psychological problem they
love to run into the arms of those that hate them
and murder them Berlin London Amsterdam and now the
capitol of Jew Hate Barcelona with its "Liberal" Fascist
Feminist pro Hamas pro BDS mayor Ada Calou the
smiling face of Jew hate in Europe its" poster girl for European
Anti Semitism" yet Israelis continue by the thousands to
flood the anti Semitic city spending their money and
contributing to their and their children's demise what the
hell is wrong with the Israeli thought process.
7. Israel needs to boycott our mortal "Palestinian" foes
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.08.17)
"Palestinians" use every humanly possible opportunity to prove they are Israel's mortal foes. They maim and murder Jews every chance they get. They demonize us around the world etc. BDS is just another way "Palestinians" attack Israel. Yet the mad flow of Israeli food, money, electricity, materials and work permits to the terrorist P.A. continues. Israel needs to boycott our mortal "Palestinian" foes.
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