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Conan O'Brien meets with Netanyahu, feeds his dog
Itamar Eichner
Published: 30.08.17, 09:38
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1. 1)Never feed a dog with your fingertips, palm only! 2) ask
Arabs how they treat their dogs, I know, we rescued one.
3) see, not all the bitches in that household are crazy!
2. How cool is that, you're a foreign, "funny man" and only in
Israel do you get a private audience with the guy with his fingers on 200+ atomic bombs!
Talking "provincial"... :-)
love you Conan.
3. Hope Conan wont suffer abuse by Left in NYC LA good for him!
ThankUConan!! ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.30.17)
Conan did an extremely brave thing to come here without spitting
and hissing against Israel like others have in the past
to please his contemporaries in the US especially
the Left wing Jewish loons of the theatre world who no doubt
surround him God bless Conan never a fan but a great one
now. Hope the LA NYC Left Media Wolf Pack wont howl to
loudly at him .
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (09.16.17)
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