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Trump: North Korea is a 'rogue nation' that 'only understands one thing'
Published: 03.09.17, 15:03
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Well....I have a younger beautiful wife to impress.
2. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (09.03.17)
sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me!
shut up and do something positive!
daber harbei veoseh miat!
3. Putin has decoded Western impotency long time ago: those who
do nothing in face of a "simple" (non-lethal) invasion of Europe by Islamo-fascist and appease Iranian mullahs for no reason, will do even less when faced with real brute force & danger.
Hence Crimea, hence "da Fatman"...
4. I already fear Trump's 50 megaton Tweets!It'll be tremendous
North Korea only understands one thing ,which is one thing more than Donald Trump understands.
All these conflicts can be solved or resolved if ,or as long as the parties are reasonable.
7. Kim and his band of mad criminals MUST BE TERMINATED !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.03.17)
8. Time to wipe the smile of fatboys face
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (09.03.17)
Time for South Korea and Japan to step up and do the heavy lifting or foerever live under the shadow of this tyrannical regime that has enslaved its people
Time for the USA to decapitate the head of the snake
9. Yeah Right- Kim is reasonable and ready to negotiate
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (09.03.17)
And cows can fly
10. Kim Jong-Un is an atomic rattlesnake poised to strike...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.03.17)
does America REALLY want to be bitten ???!!!
11. The guy with yellow hair must be contained
Avi L.   (09.03.17)
The guy with yellow hair must be contained, he still believes he can shout "you're fired" or "fake news" or call some lawyer not to pay his bills.

He's living into some private theater, enacting some psychodrama while he is playing with the whole planet.
12. "South Korea: talk of appeasement with NK will not work"
C   (09.04.17)
some talking heads in the us have claimed that trump has insulted south
korea. these talking heads conveniently forget that the united state has
been protecting south korea for decades free of charge and in accordane
with south korean policies.
maybe the us should just leave south korea to fend for itself.
the south koreans have done nothing to protect themselves.
to the contrary, they have built up their capital to be a megalopolis right
next to north korea, thus endangering the lives of twenty five
million civilians and other us military personnel.

president trump is right when he says that appeasement does not
work, and never has worked. people like andrea mitchell never
learned the lessons of wwii where appeasement of hitler led
to the slaughter of sixty million people.
previuos administrations have tried appeasement with north korea
with no positive results.
today, north korea is a sophisticated nuclear power led by a
megalomane who has the impertinence to threaten the united states.
13. North Korea has a death wish
C   (09.04.17)
trump and his generals should destroy this genocidal terror regime.
they literally laugh at the united states while developing thermonuclear
bombs and icbm's.
at the same time, they are proliferating to any other rogue country
who has the money to pay for their services.
oddly, and probably by not coincidence, us diplomats
in cuba, wwere subjected to subsonic attacks which left
them with serious neurological impairments, including
hearing loss and brain injury. this is the obama regime's
legacy. trump should cut diplomatic relations with
the communist regime of cuba.
14. sanctions of any kind on North Korea & partners will not wor
C   (09.04.17)
north korea is already a nuclear power. the latest development is a
thermonuclear bomb developed by the nk.
it is obvious that nk will continue to advance its nuclear weapons
program as well as its icbm program.
the longer the united states waits to use overwhelming force against
north korea, the higher the casualty rates will be.
the us cannot count on western internationalists like macron
who delude themselves into thinking that the useless un
can solve this problem
the appeasement of hitler resulted in a horrific war with casualties
in the tens of millions and the destruction of entire countries.
yet hitler did not even have nuclear weapons, thanks in part
by allied sabotage of norway's heavy water resources.
15. NO. USA is Real Rogue State that support terrorism
Z.Latz ,   israel   (09.05.17)
USA annihilated 60% of Korea population in 1953 war.
USA killed over 1 million Vietnamese using agent orange.
USA killed 2 million Japanese using nukes.
USA intervenes in every country around the globe.
USA threatens governments which they don't like.
USA spreads deadly GMO crops around the world thru its affiliate, Monsanto Corp., the criminal mafia cartel which invented agent orange for use in Vietnam.
USA sponsored and organized a fascist coup in Ukraine, turning this rogue state into first fascist state after the end of WWII.
16. Kim understands, it's Donald that doesn't
Avi L.   (09.05.17)
Kim Da Fat Boy understands very well power, it's Donald who doesn't.

Kim fights for his survival as the living god of North Korea and he holds in his hands the destiny of the world.

He knows that threats must be meant and that twits are just empty nothing.

Donald still things he is in some new world reality show.

Kim knows that in this world if you loose you did, you don't get fired you get killed like Saddam and Khaddafi.

Kim's got blood on his hands, Donald maybe some jelly from breakfast he didn't wash yet.
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