PM spoke with Adelson over 100 times between 2012 - 2015
Published: 03.09.17, 23:33
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1. all that talk & the US Embassy is still in TLV?!
You mean to say that even though Mr. Adelson funds both Messrs. 45 and Netanyahu things are still not all right with the world?
really now how much money is fixing this going to take?
2. ideological state apparatus
alt delete   (09.04.17)
always functions at its best when you have a quasi religous foundation,
creating a fairy tale for the subjects imagined existence, in short youre brainwashed and a tool .
3. I would call and talk to Bibi hundreds of times and email
Rivkah   (09.04.17)
him thousands of times if he gave me his phone number and email if I could afford it. He's luscious and I want his attention, just as Sheldon Adelson does, if I could afford to help Bibi and Israel as much as Sheldon Adelson does. Who wouldn't? Lucky guy, Sheldon Adelson. Give me an office next to Bibi's so I can absorb some positive ions and yummy nearness to such a luscious guy.
4. Unlike the "socialist"/Labour/AntiZionist parties that don't
have to "talk" to anyone since they have their people in place all over, all the time.
Ain't it so Druuuuuucker?
5. נתניהו
y.laderman ,   paris   (09.04.17)
המדינה שלנו נהיתה מכוערת כמו אמאריקה לעתונאים אין מה לעשות ולהתלבש על ראש הממשלה כאילו נותן להם כוח אבל הם מכלכלים את המדינה המדינה נראת גועל נפש בגללם כמו אמאריקה
6. כבר ניגעלתי מרוב סיגרים
יוחנן ,   מרכז   (09.04.17)
7. is that a crime
zionist forever   (09.04.17)
To get elected politicians worldwide need the media on their side so they speak with the owners of media outlets all the time, they try and convince them to give them good coverage nothing wrong criminal about that.
Channel 10 & Haaretz are in bed with the leftist parties and I am sure that the leaders of leftist parties have conversations with the owners of those outlets regularly especially at election time when everybody is trying to convince the owners to give them good press coverage so whats wrong with Bibi trying to keep Sheldon Andelson fighting his corner?

8. On the other hand, he hasn't talked to me either!
9. Adelson single handedly gave voice to the Jewish masses here
GodBlessAdelson ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.04.17)
Adelson single handedly took the total mind control power out of
the hands of the tyrannical Leftist Media and gave voice to
the masses who had been spit on degraded debased humiliated
by them he gave them a voice and gave them back their
pride of Zionism Judaism Jewish Tradition now he needs to
provide them with an electronic media as well a major
Television network in Israel that is pro Zionist and
believes in the justice of the Jewish Homeland. The Left
still doesn't get it when they attack Netanyahu they attack
over half the population of Israel , things are changing
but not fast enough we need more help from Adelson
to take the power from the 5% Mind Controllers .
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