PM refutes fmr. dep. IDF chief's PKK comments
Moran Azulay
Published: 12.09.17, 23:55
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1. if PKK terrorist org., then Israel is a terrorist supporting
Z.Latz ,   israel   (09.13.17)
now it's a known fact that israel was together with Turkey in partnership with US in organizing ISIS as American terrorist proxy.
Begin and his gangs were terrorists.
2. So, what gives?! Clearly being labeled as terrorist or
a hero depends on who you ask, but these matters should be coordinated in advance. This guy is the next big thing in IDF? Hmmmmm
3. bibi whistling in the dark
harold   (09.13.17)
israel cannot defeat its eneimies with biibi or lapid and gabbay. bibi does not have nerve, doe s not have a soldier's sense of attack, lapid and gabbay are ignoramuses when it comes to security.

contrary to what you may think, likuu will look to replace bibi once his wife is indicted and thereafter when bibi more than likely will be indicted,. if he thinks he could accept loads of expensive havana cigars from friends and that he didn't know they could be to soften him up, then tough luck. a school child will know.

likud will force bibi to step down and no amount of bravado in argentina will change that. bibi stunk in the gaza war, did nothing against iran that was effective and according to dagan reports is incapable of making a decision.
4. war games briefing hezbollah idf
ron   (09.13.17)
whatever rthe reason, only bennett attended. the only one who made a great impact in the gaza war was bennett according to the shapira report. erdan, katz, shteinitz, bibi, galant, kahlon, even lieberman were not there. thsi tells you everything you need to know. and even if they attended, they don't know what to ask. security cabinet is in tuches. you either have instinct for fighting and you do not not. having lapid, livni, herzog even bibi sit in any security briefings are a waste of time since they are hopeless in this field, utter hopeless.
5. PKK
Philip ,   Northern Israel   (09.13.17)
One mans terrorist is by definition another mans freedom fighter .
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