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Needy families in Israel: 'We have no food for the holidays'
Amir Alon
Published: 16.09.17, 23:48
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1. They tax us to death, then ask to perform THEIR duties!
2. shock and surprise
Dorians ,   Tel Aviv   (09.17.17)
I know this is a time of family and that there are many poor and hungry families and seniors in Tel Aviv and the rest of Israel. It is time to give from our hearts.

I must say that I am disappointed in regards to the soldier who deserted his post. Everyone should have told him his was wrong and offered to help his family while he served his nation. You do not allow a youngster to make a serious mistake and commit a crime to help his family. You give him the right guidance and the right help so that neither suffer.

I tried to make a donation through the Letat site, but they have it locked into US as your home/billing address. I am not in the US, and my mailing address is here in Tel Aviv, even though I am a US citizen. I wanted to give but the donation site has problems.

I always give and will give through other sources. Please help this soldier to get back on duty and help his family. No family of an service person should be without anytime, when soldiers are giving their lives to protect ours.
3. Jews only care about Jews, then wonder why they are hated
Steve Benassi   (09.17.17)
... and expelled from every country they enter, starting in ancient Egypt, ancient Palestine, Spain, Russia, Poland, Germany, Europe, and eventually the USA for abuse
4. Regifting
Eileen ,   Herzliya   (09.17.17)
Maybe Bibi can exchange a few cigars for food for the needy. But then again, he'd keep the food for himself...and charge the State in order to
'double gift' himself.
5. Is it only on holidays these people are in such situation?
Judging from these articles (running like clockwork each year)
this is the case.
It is a shame for Israel, that (no matter how many in reality)
people have to live with their dignity holding outstretched hand.
Guaranteed, many are themselves cause of poverty,
still observing the abundance of money & "stuff" in certain portions of the country we could easily do better at redistributing the wealth in our Land.
6. so where are all those billionaires?!
C   (09.17.17)
i would not ask anything from the goyim. it is not their responsibility to
help the jews.
but where are all those obama supporting billionaire jews who could
solve this problem with a tiny fraction of their immense wealth.
soros will never give, but what about the others.
shame on them.
7. Well said. Or auction off cigars for the needy.
Yossi ,   Central Israel   (09.17.17)
but then...what are Bibi's billionaire's friends for, only for cigars???
8. # 3 Not so.
Jews give to others in need only anti semites like you refuse to see this.
There is No palestine.
Now the Muslims fight one another while Jews still give to the poor.
9. Too many children
nancy ,   niles   (09.22.17)
I am sick and tired of hearing these sob stories about large families not having enough food in Israel. Do not have large families-period and plan for the future which is sometimes hard. Yes there are people who are truly needy in Israel and in need of help; but, it seems like most of these are crybabies. Yes I am Jewish and have a son in Tel Aviv who works very hard to support himself with help (sometimes from his US parents)
10. Poverty happens in every country.
Tova ,   Canada   (10.22.17)
There are so many Jewish/Christian organizations that donate to Israel. The Israeli government is not to blame. Israel is a country who financial resources are dedicated to the military. This is something that will never be resolved. Then there is immigration. That is a huge expense. Europe/UnitedStates/Canada are all having the same problem. Poverty happens in every country. Jewish/Christians organizations do a better job than any governments in helping to feed the hungry. Secular organizations do a poor job. In Canada we have the United Way Appeal- I do not donate as they spend more money on high salaries and are very choosy to whom they help.

My donations goes to Jewish/Christians organizations. They do a much better job.
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