Opinion  Yoaz Hendel
The strange case of Dr. Bibi and Mr. Netanyahu
Yoaz Hendel
Published: 20.09.17, 23:36
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1. Poetic but somehow erratic take on "Bibi". It is absolutely
the same person both here and at the UN. Speeches at that ridiculous venue don't cost you anything, domestic mistakes cost you your job.
He's not confrontic real blood&flesh people there, he's confronting "the World" while here it's Itzik , Shmulik, Rivkah ...and we're in Middle East, don't ever forget that.
Yes, Leftist desperation by this time knows no boundaries.
They'll accuse him of raping the family dog if they see a chance that he cannot prove to the contrary!
2. Bibi is an American not Israeli
Oleg ,   Florida   (09.21.17)
Bibi likes America more than Israel. If he had a chance he will stay 12 months a year in NYC. He is completely Americanized. Majority of Israeli politicians America is their second home. and the Israeli tax payers pay for this pleasure.
3. bibi cannot lead lsrael to a successful war against hezbolla
harold   (09.21.17)
hezbollah has a very good plan of dug in positions among civilians and bunkers underground, thousands of putin rockets, and antitank guns and full infantry. they say they have 10,000 fighters. try 40,000 fighters, they are trying to lull israel.

olmert, peretz and herzog are utterly incapable of leading a successful war against hezbollah, bibi likewise cannot lead such a war if you simply look at his passive and anemic gaza performance.

and some of israel's generals have been conditionned to be bandaid generals, only do small stuff at minimal cost.

israel has to use crushing and asymmetric means to soften the enemy, then a massive steallty invasion. fuel and electronic communications have to knocked out. the press has to be kept out. civilians hve to be warned to get out of south lebanon. israel has to occupy parts of lebanon in back and in front. bennett or feiglin can lead such a war which will be brutal. bibi has no stomach for it and is far too weak.

israelis have to wake up to reality here because gabbay and lapid cannot lead such a war. they will make concessions even to the pioint of the golan heights.

vote for bennett or feiglin in the next election.
4. Let's rephrase it
Shalom ,   Jerusalem. Israel   (09.21.17)
PM no. 1: the real one, under whom Israel's economy thrives (with low unemployment) and relations with other countries are expanding, thanks to day by day planning and effort.
PM no. 2: the virtual one depicted in Israeli media, as they repeat day by day the same stories about "his former superintendent, the Prime Minister's Residence food expenditures and his references in the media" (to quote Hendler).
In other countries, the media would be mocking the months spent on a vain attempt to find evidence of corruption in cigars given from one friend to another.
Here the media repeated day after day for months the leaked claim that Sarah Netanyahu would be indicted on four accounts. Until the Attorney general announced that three of the accounts had hardly been investigated, for lack of evidence, and that part of the fourth had been discarded as well.
5. To #3 Harold I agree with you 100%
Oleg ,   Florida   (09.21.17)
Israel will never be able to knock out Hezbolla even with superior fire power and technology. Israel has no stomach for war. Bibi set red lines that became pink lines and later yellow lines. To take out this group Israel must totally destroy Lebanon which Israel never did. In 1978 1982 and 2006. With total war including targeting their civilians, power stations, water infrastructure and Lebanon's elite/rich citizens that will be the end of Hezbolla. Lebanon gives protection to this murderers.
6. it's not just living, he is Americanized. theres a diff.
Yossi   (09.22.17)
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (09.22.17)
That is all there is. Now, if you want to grill him becuase he has a starneg wife, the you go ahead. He is teh only strong man that can protect Israel and he is doing that. Israel would have been attacked under any otehr PM.
8. Time to use the well designed "snap back" sanctions sold to
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (09.23.17)
world that where carefully put in place for just this situation
They also include the return of the billion $ pallets which will just come drifting back to the US if Iran violates the spirit of the agreement- which it is
No need to worry - everything is in place - just push the button
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