Opinion  Sima Kadmon
Israelis don’t believe Netanyahu, but see no alternative
Sima Kadmon
Published: 25.09.17, 20:21
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1. Problem with Israelis is they dont know a good deal when
Alan ,   SA   (09.25.17)
they have one. Poll even shows Bibi is best candidate.(29%) I read he has IQ of round 180....Others have IQ of their sock size.I also read Obama has IQ of just over 100.I hold no brief for any candidate .But he has been a good leader UNDER THE BAD CIRCUMSTANCES.
He and Sarah deserve matanah in brown paper bag preferably.I wish I could also contribute something at least.
2. Whether one agrees or not: that the situation...
3. And there lies the crux of the matter -
barbara ,   Haifa   (09.26.17)
There is not one possible candidate that can replace Bibi.
Bring on someone strong in principals, knowledgeable in languages, etc.
and a strong character with charisma - then we can replace Bibi.
Till then -
4. Yes there is - Benny Gantz!!
SabbaGeorge   (09.26.17)
Benny Gantz is he only one that currently threatens Netanyahu but not sure if he wants to go into politics!
5. Germany elected Adolf Hitler in 1933 with 44% of vote, why?
Steve Benassi   (09.26.17)
1932-33 Jewish Communists Holodomor mass murder in Ukraine, killing millions, mass starvation, eerily similar to the future Holocaust, Germans learned how to kill from the Jews.
6. Bibi versus Obama. Bringing leftist High Court to heel
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.26.17)
Bibi is unquestionably a brilliant man. It would not be surprising if Bibi's IQ is 180, as Talkback #1 (Alan) states. Bibi speaks better without a teleprompter than Obama speaks with one. There is no comparison. Bibi is the right leader for Israel now, despite his flaws.

It is great that most Israelis supporting bringing the destructive leftist High Court to heel. Its ludicrous decisions regularly cost Israelis their lives and welfare. Bennett and Shaked need to proceed full speed at stopping the High Court from making laws, which it has no right to do. High Court leftists should also be replaced by patriots.

7. Have you ever heard other Israelis speaking English in inter
Alan ,   SA   (09.26.17)
views ....".ehhhh behhhh mehhh. " This is in BBC, USA and other European TV and Radio media ." eeet iz my gobment ehhh pusition eeeh behhh." Invariably the Oxford graduate interviewer made mincemeat of the Israeli Spokesman, who maybe has a bagrut English ,if he/she is lucky! I cringed many times listening to their poor poor Eeenglish and rubbish content.Nobody is more articulate ,erudite and entertaining as Bibi.It is a pleasure to listen to him. Only Abba Eban (zl) was more well spoken.Eban's English and its content was a tour de force. Eban spoke Churchillian English (born in Cape Town) Michael Comay (zl) also was good Look at Bibi addressing USA Congress+Senate.WHO could have performed better on international stage,It was said he addressed the chambers like a President and could have run for one!. .Now smart Israeli Politicians are looking how to castrate him.Because they cant beat him at the polls.... I tell you that Obama would have done big time damage if Bibi wasnt his worthy opponent.
Bibi knows it and I also know it and many in Israel also know it.
8. often told lie
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (09.27.17)
a lie told often enough is believed. Often it become news too.

I like Bibi and most people that I know and work with like him too. What most Israelis do NOT like is the BS in the news....
9. The Left is again misrepresenting facts
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (09.27.17)
Regarding the Supreme Court: there is no argument and disagreement that there should and must be a separation between executive, legislative and judicial branches must separated from each other, and that they must balance each other, in order for a system of checks and balances to even have a remotely credible meaning. I agree. There is no disagreement about that, and I as a "Right Winger" support this concept.

The DISAGREEMENT here is about the fact that the Supreme Court in Jerusalem, is for POLITICAL and IDEOLOGICAL reasons, exceeding its own authority at the expense of the legislative and executive branch, and that their legal rulings jeopardize Israel's national security and ignores international law which is granting Israel the unequivocal legal right to its homeland - more specifically- Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria.

The Supreme Court poses as a "professional" objective body of legal experts, when in fact they are politically and ideologically hostile to the very country they are supposed to serve. THAT'S THE PROBLEM.

The Israeli Left is playing dumb and pretends it doesn't see the problem. The Israeli Right sees clearly the problem and wishes to rectify it.

For example: the Supreme Court has decided that it's"illegal" for Israel to build "settlements" (Jewish cities in our Jewish homeland), and yet 4000 years of Jewish history in Israel confirmed by dozens if not hundreds of archeological excavations across Israel, and historical documents and sources belonging to at least 10-15 ancient civilizations agree, that we Jews are the natives of the land of Israel.

International law - the legally binding San Remo treaty, signed 1920 in San Remo, and the Anglo-American treaty signed in 1923 (I believe t was in 1923) both stipulate that the legal borders of the Jewish state, would be Cis-Jordan and Trans-Jordan, and this clearly would include Gaza, Judea and Samaria.

So, on what exact legal basis has the Supreme Court concluded that Israeli cities in Judea & Samaria are "illegal" when in fact international law gives us the green light to claim these exact territories?

This is just ONE example.

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