Opinion  Aviad Kleinberg
Kapparot ritual must be banned altogether
Aviad Kleinberg
Published: 01.10.17, 12:16
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1. I agree.....use cats instead
david ,   hadera   (10.01.17)
2. Passing sin from man to man
Joseph ,   USA   (10.01.17)
Yes. It can be done. Usually by speaking lashon Hara about people. Also you can do a mitzvah and have it go into someone else's account as well
3. A perfectly
Jackieboy   (10.01.17)
Innocuous event in the brief life of a chicken.
4. All haredi custom is nonsense
Dan   (10.01.17)
Yes, this ritual is not just cruel but idiotic and without any justification, and it should be banned. But let's face it, most ultra-Orthodox ritual and custom is idiotic and unjustifiable on any rational basis. It places ridiculous limits on natural human activities and ruins lives, not to mention ruining the country with its selfish, intolerant demands. Let's question not just this mad ritual, but why we allow such madness to control our lives and our future.
5. So should Mecca's goat sacrifices
Avi L.   (10.01.17)
So should Mecca's goat sacrifices, but nobody's got the b*** to say it ;)
7. Many in the US
solomon ,   Bklyn   (10.01.17)
Many in the US use coins (such as 18 cents) wrapped in saran wrap/cellophane, which is then placed in a pushke (charity box).
8. When Hell itself comes to the chicken coop
Cameron   (10.01.17)
9. Why? With or without ritual Chicken are slaughtered anyway!
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.01.17)
10. Nothing cruel about this before slaughtering chicken
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.01.17)
11. was good to see that some covered themselves with plastic
epo   (10.01.17)
... ppl holding the chicken should wear thick silicone gloves.

perhaps you get rid of your sin in exchange of bird parasites and pathogens. chicken are sick as f.ck.
12. banning this stupid ritual
maury   (10.02.17)
waving chickens above the head to and fro causing stress and grief to the animals in inhumane. jews should know better having been burned in ovens.

as for religious leaders who endorse this ritua, they need a boot up their rear ends and an order to end this ritual. of course bibi cannot give such an order as he is too weak and does nnot want to risk losing support. this same bibi says he will hand out new permits for construction in hebron but then is silent in offering to land for the permits. like we are all stupid. of course we know what he does-he runs to friedman and trump and asks... can i build here in hebron and of course trump says not. so bibi runs back to settlers and bennett and tells them his hands are tied, he can't do anything. he acts exactly like herzog.

what about israeli interest? bibi has no firm convictions that he would sacrifice for other than doing anything to hold his job.
13. Finally someone speaks truth
Annie   (10.02.17)
Great to hear this journalist brings some sane thoughts on this issue.
People are deceived by this man made insane halacha...insane...so much blindness because man doesn't know the Bible and the Torah...The Prophet Hosea said in the 4th chapter "my people (Israel) perish, is destroyed, for lack of knowledge"...knowledge of G-OD's Word...The Bible...start reading our own Book!!!
14. what if the chicken was put into a transparent plastic bag?
epo   (10.02.17)
this would protect people from infectious diseases and chicken from broken bones.
15. A Barbaric, Primitive and Cruel Ritual
Shimon Z. Klein ,   Bat Hefer   (10.02.17)
It is a disgrace that this cruel and barbaric ritual is still performed in this day and age by many members of the ultra-Orthodox community and no laws have been passed to forbid it. Is this ritual also part of the present government coalition agreement? It seems to be more honoured in the act rather than in the breach.
16. Very primitive.Report them to Animal protection organisation
Alan ,   SA   (10.03.17)
17. SA locals slaughter a White Chicken. It must be white one
Alan ,   SA   (10.03.17)
It is to give thanks to the ancestors.
doda ,   israel   (10.03.17)
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