Elkin 'disappointed' Trump hasn't moved US embassy to Jerusalem
Associated Press
Published: 09.10.17, 15:24
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1. bibi will not do anything bold or decisive
richie   (10.09.17)
bibi is not a real leader, does not have confidence in himself and is governed by fears that have not been overcome by commando duties, by workouts in the gym, by 30 years of political experience. he was and is scared of obama and now bush. he says we must not upset trump even if it is i mportant to us. so he lies and fibs about what he is doing wiht settlements- in fact he is doing zilch about settlements.

he says israel needs the jordan valley, but then says maybe a few soldiers with usa sensors will do the job. he never understood the battlefield, and simply lacks courage.

take a look-he goes everywhere with his wife sara, as if on his own he is too insecure. that israelis are jsut discovering this about bibi shows how naive they have been about him. why do you think bibi gets along so well with israeli pacifist herzog?

settlers should build anyways they can and forget about bibi.
2. Used car seller promisse
Avi L.   (10.09.17)
3. At a time of his choosing
Cameron   (10.10.17)
The odds have never been better.

You must be patient, and bide your time.
4. Trump is a PHONY and he will be gone in about 3 years...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.10.17)
5. Elkin's not as disappointed with Trump as the Adelsons are
Trump is a complete phony he's only using the POTUS position to make money for himself and his cronies.
...and clearly the Adelsons' money was poorly spent!
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