Israel criticizes Palestinian reconciliation deal: 'Doesn't include Hamas disarmament'
Yuval Karni
Published: 13.10.17, 09:02
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1. Reciprocity
Aidan ,   USA   (10.13.17)
Hamas didn't recognize Israel? When did Likud recognize Palestine?

Disarmament? When did Israel agree to disarm and no longer be a threat to Palestine?

Prisoners and bodies? When did Netanyahu agree to release all the Palestinians and bodies of Palestinians he holds hostage in Israel?
2. Hamas
Roger ,   Vancouver   (10.14.17)
has recognized Israel. At the 67 boarder as a country. Not a Jewish only country. It is 20 percent Arab.when will Israel admit this. Hamas will disarm when peace is made, and a couple of years go by, and they are not disturbed by a Stern type mob burning down and stealing their villages. The whole Arab world is willing to recognize Israel on these terms.
3. What thre hell is "Palestinian"? It's FATAH!
Rotem   (10.16.17)
It's amazing how those 'professional' and 'educated' reporters, invent people and state which are not exist.

"Palestinian Authority" is just a (poor) product of Bill clinton and Rabin government. In actual, it is an ISLAMIC TERROR organization called FATAH, which runs this so called "Palestinian Authority" and to them the fictional "Palestine" goes from the Jordan river to the sea, from rosh Pina to Eilat and they say it loud and clear and repeat it over and over again!

The ARAB TRIBES: Abas, Arikat, bargutti, Tawid, Al Qudwa, Al Masri, Tamimi, Ja'abri, Qawasma, Abu-Snina etc. are not "Palestinians" the have addresses and relatives in several countries in the middle east and everyone who ever bothered to STUDY the basics introduction to the middle east know that, unless the work for Ynet... #FakeNews
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