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US judge blocks latest Trump travel ban
The Associated Press
Published: 18.10.17, 10:19
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1. US Supreme Court struck down this judge ruling before
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.18.17)
2. Maladies.
Brad   (10.18.17)
The maladies the "judge" referred to was the fact that the travel ban will protect the U.S. from Muslim trash.
3. Mark Sherry, FB
C   (10.18.17)
the judge in this case, an obama appointee, is violating the constitution.

decisions regarding immigration is the domain of the president.
indeed, most matters regarding foreign policy fall under the
authority of the president.
i know that you know this. so stop manipulating.
4. Fire the judges who try to legislate from the bench.
Rivkah   (10.19.17)
Then investigate the hell out of them until they holler "UNCLE!" Sic the IRS on them. BO did that and got away with that and no one has been prosecuted or fired that I know of from that lawless band of brigands, the IRS.
BBB   (10.20.17)
6. He can't respond just reacts ..Must be all those donuts or,
BBB   (10.20.17)
donut holes.
Ignore him he'll go away.
( wish he'd find another site to troll the anti semitic POS.)
7. The Supreme Court will sort it out.
BBB   (10.20.17)
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