Hamas leader Sinwar: Hamas will never recognize Israel
Elior Levy
Published: 19.10.17, 20:19
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1. Scoundrels like Yitzhak Rabin,Shimon Peres,Amos Schocken hav
ab   (10.19.17)
kowtowed to these Hamas goons and their better dressed soulmates, the PLO.
2. "Peace talks with Palestinians" are pure criminal negligence
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.19.17)
Both Hamas and Fatah/P.A. have now made it clear, beyond all doubt, that their real goal is the destruction of Israel. Meaning they are Israel's mortal foes. Thus any Israeli leader who engages in "peace talks with Palestinians" guarantees more Israelis will be maimed and murdered. Engaging in such talks is pure criminal negligence and likely meets the definition of treason. Israel should never hold such talks for all the same reasons the Americans didn't hold peace talks with Nazis.
3. who wants to be recognised by a slinky dog
C   (10.19.17)
the man sinwar is delusional if he thinks that he can destroy israel.

4. this is who livni and shaffrir want to deal with
geroge   (10.19.17)
brochi and elkahani praised gabbay for starting to change labour poicies. they said livni and shaffir are like meretz of the far left, it is high time for labour to return to its roots aand throw livni, herzog, shaffrir and peretz and a few others out of the party. i agree with them 1000% and without a doubt, livni should be thrown out. she represents the arabs better than they do.
5. Response to Ami Ayalon and Co.
marucho ,   Bs.Aires Argentina   (10.20.17)
It seems that Ami Ayalon and Co. have been smoking something very tough lately.
6. And he continued
Jez ,   Netanya   (10.20.17)
"it really is of little interest to me if generations of my people suffer in the meantime. Peace with Israel means I and my colleagues would have no purpose any longer,no wealth and no self esteem. "
7. What do you bet the pals 'recognize' Israeli troops
BBB   (10.19.17)
guns, and planes??

Arab pals are dumber than a box of rox

Arabs claiming to be 'palestinians.'

There is NO palestine.
8. Well, there you have it.....
koose E Mack ,   NY   (10.20.17)
What's the purpose of "Peace Talks"?
9. Sinwar... you "recognition" is not a prerequisite
david ,   hadera   (10.20.17)
for the destruction of Gaza, and your death
10. What have Hamas acheived for Gaza in the last 10 years?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.20.17)
What have Hamas acheived for Gaza in the last 10 years?


What have Hamas acheived for Hamas in the last 10 years?


What have Hamas acheived for Palestinian statehood in the last 10 years?


What have Hamas acheived for Palestinian unity in the last 10 years?


And this one brain cell wonder SINWAR has the audacity to demand Gazans sacrifice even more lives in perpetuity to satisfy his lust for war? And even suggest that all Gazan men 18-60 should be conscripted to fight?

Hamas have had their chances and scored too many own goals

It really is time Gaza unceremoniously booted them out
11. Perfectly good reason to close the border crossings
A ,   OutThere   (10.20.17)
from Israel into Gaza. Let the zombies drown in their own sewage without electricity.
12. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (10.20.17)
and Israel will never recognize Hamas.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (10.20.17)
in Gaza. War the source of your income. We al know that if you make peace then you will have to come up with the profession rather than just stealing aid money.
14. beitzim
dennis ,   chicago   (10.26.17)
A terrorist that calls himself a military leader needs to take care of his yayas, when he comments on hamas on Israel capabilities.
If you ever watched Captain York in the movies, when the turkey stuck its head up, it got taken off.
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