Politicians not invited to Rabin Square memorial
Itamar Eichner, Ahiya Raved and Adi Rozenberg
Published: 01.11.17, 10:05
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1. Ex-IDF commanders who will.....Pals are laughing all the way
ab   (11.01.17)
to the bank at these idiots...Cringe more ,kiss pal butts, ex-IDF morons.
Problem is the present IDF commanders might be as servile to the pals too,look a their apology for killing terrorists in the tunnel 2 days ago...
2. Whole new generation was raised on the fake news/myth about
Rabin & his "legacy"...
Hard to erase that, but is has to be done, for the sake of our survival.
3. Talkbackers 1, 2 reflect the poison that can destroy Israel
Rafi ,   US   (11.01.17)
... and the arrogance to think they know better than commanders of the IDF
4. Rabin was warned beforehand of the attack & shrugged it off
BBB   (11.01.17)
According to the author of The Bible Code.
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