Israeli intelligence firm apologizes for taking Harvey Weinstein job
Itamar Eichner
Published: 11.11.17, 09:17
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1. Thoroughly dishonorable labor on behalf of an evil creep
Cameron   (11.11.17)
Very bad stain on your rep, Black Cube firm.
2. Black eye for Black Cube. Same old story
BBB   (11.11.17)
they ask repentance AFTER the facts are published.
Bunch of money grubbing jackasses.
3. ehud barak
shame on you.
4. Shame, Shame, Shame
Oleg ,   Florida   (11.11.17)
5. Money money and more money
Oleg ,   Florida USA   (11.11.17)
I hope the FBI and the Justice dept investigate their activities in the USA.
6. Black Cube what the hell were you thinking?
BBB   (11.12.17)
nasty in fact filthy business.

You weren't thinking just counting your ill gotten gains.
7. Mr
Tony ,   Jerusalem   (11.12.17)
Maybe they not such hot shot intelligence operators that they didn't know what they were doing to start with
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