Opinion  Aviad Kleinberg
Why is Gabbay shooting his own camp in the foot?
Aviad Kleinberg
Published: 17.11.17, 23:47
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1. Indeed, let them vote for the real thing & put Labor to rest
2. "His own camp":-) Since when is this opportunist Labor?
But he is doing a blessed job of putting this lunatic party out of its misery by burying it ASAP!
3. Gabay?? who?? Let Barak lead the party and save it.
Z.Latz ,   israel   (11.18.17)
4. Maybe Gabbay wants to be a Zionist unlike Kleinberg
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.18.17)
5. Gabbay wants Labor to be a little less loony
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.18.17)
It looks like Gabbay wants death wish leftist Labor to be a little less loony. Gabbay's goal is hopeless. Labor is too far gone. If Labor was a horse, you'd shoot it. If it was a stock, you'd sell it short. If it was a car, you'd junk it. Wonder how long it will take Gabbay to figure that out.
6. Because he is clueless
Avi L.   (11.19.17)
Because he is clueless.

Because he is the likudnik who, looking for a role in politics, put a hostile bid on Labor and won.

Because he wants to take Bibi's voters shares while he actually scares Labor voters. And he doesn't propose any competitive advantage over Likud.

He is pushing Labor's voter towards Lapid.

He is clueless and thing that politics is like "business".
7. His religious ancestors appeared in a dream
Bach2hisJewishSoul ,   Jerusalem   (11.19.17)
Now get rid of the tattoo
8. It might not be a stupid tactic
zionist forever   (11.19.17)
There are fewer parties on the left than on the right these days so the votes are not split between as many parties.
The leftist voters will feel they have no choice but to vote Labour so love or hate Gabbay he is all there is.

Gaabay is trying to appeal to Likud & Yisrael Batainu voters by saying things like settlements must stay and the left have forgotten what it is to be Jewish so he sounds like he is a man they wouldn't mind having as PM.
Once he is PM though he will become the kind of PM the left want to see.
9. Gabai First Tatooed Prime Minister of Israel
DidHeShowuHisTatoo? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.20.17)
"forgot they are Jews" did he not know when he got tattooed it
is strictly forbidden in the Torah who does so "disconnects themselves from the G-d of Israel and the People of Israel'" One who does so
is making a loud and clear statement of disconnection from both.
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