Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
When you get money from pro-BDS bodies, you become part of BDS
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 20.11.17, 23:43
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1. and the Rosenbergs surely thought they were saving the world
2. God must wonder...
Boaz Ben-Pelech ,   Australia   (11.21.17)
Israel is a mindboggling country or better said the Jews are a mindboggling people. Dean Issacharoff's father is a diplomat his mother is a well to do business woman, both reaping the fruit of Israel's society and yet their son is a traitor to his own people, defended by his parents. How on earth is it possible for his father to keep his job? Why isn't the Knesset acting "as long as the Knesset doesn’t work to ban foundations affiliated with the BDS movement from funding Israeli organizations, nothing will stop this kind of demonization" only in Israel can this happen and only Jews demonise their own country. No other nation on this earth no civilised country lets this happen. God must wonder if he trusted the right people.
3. People get convinced/"saved" by religious nonsense, surely
some, especially the young, will fall prey to any political indoctrination.
Sad it happens to our kids....
But they must be ostracized by all/any means available.
4. So what does that make you....
Tony ,   J Bay   (11.21.17)
When you get money from pro-BDS bodies, you become part of BDS

When 'Israel' accepts MILLIONS OF $$$ from christian supporters in the bible belt, that means ...... What exactly???????
5. aipac boot lickers
how much does Israel/ aipac use to buy congress?
6. Anat Kam sold her country for "Haaretz"-and got away with mo
ab   (11.21.17)
-ney from Amos Schocken.
It was just before "Breaking.." ,so perhaps these scoundrels got inspired
7. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Empress Trudy ,   Raleigh   (11.20.17)
If you work with hate groups you are a hater, if you work for or partner with racists and bigots you are a racist and a bigot, if your friends are antisemites SO ARE YOU. All we demand is that these people stand up, raise their hand and claim it, swear it, admit it.
8. Yemini is always worth reading because
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.21.17)
he makes a genuine effort to think afresh each time an issue occurs, where many others react automatically and superficially. Often I agree with him, sometimes definitely not, but he always deserves respect. This article is superb. Other critics of Breaking the Silence may outdo him in verbal vehemence, Yemini excels in delineating how an organization founded to combat corruption has rapidly succumbed to ultimate corruption itself.
9. Desperate enough to welcome any foreign goodwill !
Moshe Israel ,   Tivon, Israel   (11.21.17)
It means that Israel is looking for friends in a world of 200 million Arabs,
700 million Europeans many of which don't care for Jews, can't understand
Israeli Jews, or hate Jews enough to sit quietly while we Israelis fight for our
lives . Desperate enough to welcome any foreign goodwill !

Israel is negotiating a $500 million dollar contract amongst other international
trade. Do you really think that Israel should refuse $$$ from Christian supporters...because they are "bible belt" Americans?

10. Why not prosecute BTS for treason?
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.21.17)
The despicable, anti-Israel activities of Breaking The Silence meet every reasonable definition of treason. Why not prosecute them?
11. Israel Was/Is Funded By Sabbatean Jews Like The Rothchilds
World Citizen ,   the world   (11.21.17)
Therefore all Israelis must be Satan worshiping pedophiles.
12. Information from BtS website
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (11.24.17)
"Breaking the Silence has never supported the movement to boycott Israel, nor have we ever been funded by the movement (and more generally speaking, it’s worth knowing that the boycott movement doesn’t support any Israeli institutions)."

Presumably they are lying?
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