Classified Israeli intel Trump disclosed to Russia revealed
Published: 23.11.17, 09:48
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1. The man is President of the United States
Cameron   (11.23.17)
He may speak on any & all matters as he deems fit.

Like it or not, you roll with it.
I just can not keep my stupid mouth shut.
MO SAD ,   SAFED 007   (11.23.17)
HALF your tuchus....
4. Cameron
solomon ,   bklyn   (11.23.17)
He is President of the United States. He is not G-d!
5. Israel already shared this intel with Russia prior to that
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.23.17)
6. this is really old news
C   (11.23.17)
the press, the establishment, want to destroy trump by any means.

at the time, it was public knowledge that pc's were potentially
dangerous. of course, trump should never tell anything to
the double dealing russians. they would sell out their mothers
for a bowl of soup.
7. All this info got revealed when Trump said hello
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (11.23.17)
Someone must have very big ears to hear Trump telling all this information in strict confidence. Be careful the Russians are coming
8. he was keeping up with Russian drinking...what else he said?
j rechtman ,   la   (11.23.17)
see how red his face is...he was the third man in a chess game
9. So now that we all KNOW for a FACT this is what happened,
we can come with our own versions of what REALLY happened?
Wow, this is so funny: people lapping up this "information" as if we all were present at that meeting....
10. DidnĀ“t Obama release Israels Nuclear secrets?
Someone   (11.27.17)
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