Health Min. Litzman resigns over Shabbat train work, throwing government for a loop
Moran Azulay and Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 24.11.17, 13:31
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1. Let's be honest (if only in private): we need a separate
Delphi   (11.24.17)
country for the Followers of Imaginary Friend.
I don't see how we can maintain any semblance of "harmony" with people who claim to know the "Truth"!?
By definition (just like with Islam) there's no room for doubt or dialogue.
It's either their way or the highway!
I propose: Highway for the religious Opiateoids....
2. Give the yoli putz more yeshiva gelt and in short order
Al   (11.24.17)
he'll be back n government.

These menuvals are just that menuvals.

They could care less about am Yisroel. Its all about them and their inbred fellow yoli schmek.
3. despite being the one who created this crisis.....
Tony ,   J Bay   (11.24.17)
are you insane! Its Israel, NOT frigin Paris!
4. Lol it's a hissy fit because he can't get his OWN way
Talula   (11.24.17)
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